The last day of Stockholm Horse Week on the Olympic Stadium Arena the Lövsta Future Challenge International Jumping Grand Prix got to be a super exciting competition. It was 19 talented U25 riders who went for the individual victory in the 1,50 jumping and they gave the audience top sport to watch. In the end the victory went to France rider Ines Joly, followed by Netherlands rider Emiel Ritcher and Norwegians rider Fredrik B. Seim.

Belgium’s Rachel Steffen and Lövsta Stuteri’s stallion Uncanto di Villagana was first to go in the first round and she delivered a fast clear round. She was joined by the other rider from Belgium and both riders from Norway, France and one rider from Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands to the jump-off.

The young riders had the eye on the price and delivered some fast rounds in the jump-off. It was Ines Joly and her 10-year-old stallion Vitto de Cartherey who knew how to do a clear round against the clock and with her 34,22 she was unbeatable today.
“The course today really put me to the  test, I had to focus hard and be very precise to deliver a clear round. And in the jump-off my plan was to ride really fast, maybe it was too fast! I’m very happy with my horse today and these days have been amazing!” said Ines Joly afterwards.

Netherlands Emiel Ritcher and his mare Disinaa ended up on a second place.
“It was technical course today with big fences, I’m very  pleased with my horse today and just love to ride in this beautiful arena with great atmosphere! “said Emiel Ritcher.

Best swede today was Stella Röhlcke with 4 faults in the jump-off with her mare Delina which resulted in a ninth place.