Saturday morning started with the Lövsta Future Challenge International Freestyle for the U25 riders in the morning sun. It was some beautiful rounds from the European riders to well composed and modern music. In the end, it was Marina Mattsson together with Quatermain who won the class on 74,9 %.

First to go was Great Britain’s Ellen McCarthy and her stallion Belafonte and the took care of the lead with 70,325%. But that didn’t last for so long, with music from a Norwegian adventure movie Sweden’s Marina Mattsson and her 10-year-old gelding Quartermain showed the audience some of the star quality of the dressage sport of the future.

The judges and the audience liked what they saw as well and rewarded the pair with 74,9% which resulted in victory for Marina Mattsson and her Quartermain. Afterwards it was a very happy Marina:
“Really nice to get a revenge from Thursdays class. I wasn’t worried today I knew we would do a better round today. I’m very pleased with my horse and I’m so grateful to get this opportunity to compete in this arena. It’s amazing training for the future for both me and my horse!”
Søren Wind together with Kastel’s Stanford had a beautiful round as well and the judges rewarded the pair with 74,1% which led the to a second place today.

“My horse felt supergood today, really nice atmosphere in the arena today and the weather conditions was much better today!”

The other Swedish riders also delivered, Emma Jönsson and her Donizetti ended up on a third place with 72,525 % and Alva Lander and Herbie Hancock Graftebjerg on a fourth place with 71,1%.

Foto: Malin Larsson

Text: Linnéa Källgren