The last class for the day was Lövsta Future Challenge International U25 team competition. It was nine international teams with two riders in each team who fought about the victory. In the end, it was the Irish team who performed on top in the Olympic arena Stadion in Stockholm.

Nine teams started in the first round of the team competition and the six best teams went on to round number two. It was a challenging course today and most of the teams had a lot of faults after the first round. Sweden was the last team to go in the first round and they ended up with just four faults and took the lead just before Ireland on five faults.

But for the next round Ireland gave Sweden a match and had two clear rounds which led to the victory for Ireland.
“It was a rough course out there today and I felt a bit of a pressure after Sofies first clear round and did a little mistake on the last fence. Even though that small little mistake I’m very happy with my horse who was a bit more relaxed today in the arena than yesterday” said Harold Megahey.
“For  the second round we wanted to put a bit of pressure on Sweden, our plan was to come back and keep it tight and don’t do any mistakes and not loose too much time” said Sofie Slattery.

The Swedish team ended up with 8 faults in the second round and 12 faults in total which gave a second place for Stella Röhlcke and Sissela Smith.

“It was a technical course today and very decisive. I was very nervous for the second round, Delina performed on top today and I couldn’t ask for more of her. Now she will get a bit of a rest for the next class on Sunday!” said Stella Röhlcke with a bit smile after the team competition.

Next time the U25 jumping riders will enter the arena will be on Sunday morning for the 1,50 class with jump-off.

Foto: Malin Larsson

Text: Linnéa Källgren