Lövsta Future Challenge International first Dressage class in Stockholm Horse Week took place during Thursday morning. Eight European competitors had the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Historic Arena Stadion in the heart of Stockholm. In the end, it was Emma Jönsson and Donziette who was the best combination, winning on 66, 923%.

Even though the weather was not the best during Lövsta Future Challenge initial class the Swedish riders started off well and kept the lead class during the whole class.

Alva Lander took the lead with and her 17-year-old gelding Herbie Hancock Graftebjerg with 66, 923% when four of the competitors had ride. Emma Jönsson and her 11-year-old gelding Donziette just passed Alva Lander with 66, 949% and won the class.

-“I’m very pleased and happy with my horse, we had some small mistakes but overall I’m very happy with him. He performed on top even though the weather conditions weren’t the best today!” Said 23-year-old Emma with a big smile after the class.

Alva Lander who ended up on second place are also very happy with her Herbie.

-“Emma really deserved to win today, it wasn’t easy today in there!  I’m happy with my amazing Herbie who always delivers even though it was very wet in the arena.”

Lövsta Future Challenge International next dressage class will be on Saturday morning 09.00 am and it will be a freestyle program.

Foto: Malin Larsson

Text: Linnéa Källgren